The MacDonald Family Singers is a homeschooling family—made up of nine members, the children range in age from fourteen to twenty-nine and started with just a vocal program. As the children grew, instruments and more musical styles were added. They bring 10-15 instruments to their concerts, including a keyboard, brass, and various stringed instruments. Their repertoire includes original Scripture melodies, a cappella hymns, traditional, gospel bluegrass, and sacred classical. They sing at churches, nursing and retirement homes, community events, camps, senior centers, and other various venues.  With the purchase of a bus in 2003, the MacDonald family has had the opportunity to make several cross-country singing tours per year.  Their albums Honey In The Rock, Power In The Blood, and Glorify The Lord With Me are available to listen or download here.  The MacDonalds count it a privilege to share the Gospel message of Jesus Christ where ever they go.

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Victor & Laurie
Click to view full size Dr. William and Madeline MacDonald, Victor's parents, introduced Laurie to Victor in 1981 during the last year of her studies with Dr. Paul Rutman at The Hartt School of Music. Victor had already finished his Biblical Studies at Gordon College a year before. Both being very active in their church and school music departments while growing up, it became a joy to serve the Lord together with their family.

Carol & Seth Hollis
Click to view full size Seth Hollis married Carol and made her Mrs. Hollis August 20th, 2011. A new family member was added to the Hollis family August 10, 2012. Joanna Joy is a delight and joy to her parents and extended family as they watch her grow! Seth adds a rich baritone voice and mellow clarinet to the group. He has a sweet, kind heart and loves to make people laugh. He enjoys playing Ultimate Frisbee, basketball, football, and is a colored pencil artist. Carol sings soprano/lead and is the group's emcee. She also is chief clothing coordinator & plays the role of family photographer. A blog of her photographs can be found here:

Joanna Hollis
Click to view full size Joanna Joy Hollis was born August 10th, 2012. She likes to eat, sleep, and grab almost everything that is in sight.

Click to view full size A roadie extraordinaire and bass player! He loves to work hard. He’s a valuable piece of our group keeping the beat steady and blending his voice to make our unique mix. Nathan is our grease monkey; he’s not afraid to get his hands a little dirty.

Click to view full size Matthew — every family needs a tech support guy and Matthew is it; he created our website and keeps our computers’ healthy and happy. He plays a sweet mandolin behind the straight face. :)

Click to view full size Daniel our blue eyed blond adds his unique voice in solos and group songs. When home or on the road he’s very helpful and always a good choice for a work partner. He makes exceptional manicotti and loves trying out recipes.

Click to view full size Hannah has a deep sweet voice adding her alto and lead to many songs. She loves to play cello and piano. On the road or not Hannah enjoys horses and dreams of having one someday. She also enjoys other farm animals such as chickens. :)